More Than A Haircut

We are more than just a barber shop.
Because its more than just a haircut.

Its a man who has been unemployed for months getting ready for a job interview.

Its a teen about to go out on his first date.

Its a man about to go to court to fight for the most important thing in his life.

Its a boy having quality time with his dad in the chair next to him.

And sometimes, its someone shaving their head because of cancer.

Sometimes, its a father cutting his son’s hair, teaching him how to style it.

And sometimes, its a son cutting his father’s hair for the last time.

Its a relaxing break from a hectic schedule.

Its therapy.

Its a throwback for some, to the way things used to be when they were younger.

Its providing an old school experience and memories for the next generation.

We offer our chairs, our ear, our skill and our support.

We’re friends. We’re family. We’re community.

We hear your stories, because we are more than just a barber shop. And sometimes, its more than just a haircut